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Enabling a strong safety culture – Part 2

Find out more about Intel's dedicated Emergency Response Team

In our complex manufacturing environment at our Leixlip campus, the number one priority is always safety and leading the way on our world class safety standard is our Site Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The Site Emergency Response Team, which has approximately 45 members per shift, and approx. 200 members in total, is made up of both voluntary roles, whereby employees take on the emergency response activities in addition to their core jobs, and of full time members who are the primary responders to any incident or emergency that may happen on the campus.

Adam and Michael Newe are a son and father working at Intel who are part of the site Emergency Response Team

Father and Son, Michael and Adam Newe are both volunteer members of Intel’s Emergency Response Team (ERT). Michael has been working in Intel for 14 years while his son Adam has been working here for 3 years.

Michael works in Intel’s Corporate Services group and Adam works in the area of Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition – despite working within different business groups the two are both on the same working shift and so find that their paths will often cross. We caught up with the pair recently to hear more about their roles within the Emergency Response Team at the Leixlip campus.

Adam knew from his father Michael’s positive experience in Intel that it was a great place to work and was delighted to follow in his footsteps when the opportunity became available. Working on shift in Intel means that both men can make their careers fit smoothly into their lifestyle. With 3-4 days off at a time, the two, who hail from the Naul in County Dublin, both have plenty of time for their shared passion for speed which involves building race cars and driving motorcycles.

Inspired by the strong culture of safety in Intel, both men decided to volunteer as part of the Emergency Response Team onsite and are now trained ERT members. This means they are specially trained in a number of different practical skills which enable them to help in case of an emergency onsite. Not only is this an invaluable skill to have while working in Intel, but for both men, their training has been crucial outside of work.

Michael recalls a particular example when, a few years ago, a young boy living on his road was knocked down by a car. While everyone else on the street was running around in a panic, Michael’s ERT training kicked in. Michael was able to calmly access the situation, and come to the aid of the boy.  From his training, Michael could identify that the boy’s leg was broken so he knew not to put him in the recovery position, as others suggested. Michael ensured the boy was in a safe area and stayed to help him till the fire brigade came. The boy was safely transferred to hospital and Michael was grateful to have had his ERT experience to call upon at such an important time.

On a plane trip once, Adam witnessed another passenger having an asthma attack. Luckily all of the crew on board were trained in CPR so Adam did not have to use his skills, but from his training he could quickly identify what was wrong with the passenger and alert the crew to the situation.

Both men agree that Intel is one of the safest places you could ever be, with a dedicated ERT team, multiple defibrillators onsite and strict safety procedures. They know that if anything ever happens, inside or outside of work, their ERT skills come into action and they can calmly assess and aid in the situation – a key skill learnt in Intel that will last a lifetime.


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