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Intel presents 71 awards to University students

Students from 5 different Universities receive Intel awards as part of strategic partnerships

The future of Intel relies on its people. In order to ensure vibrant relationships with the education system here in Ireland, Intel has in recent years driven a unique approach to academic partnership through our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) programme. The programme encompasses tailored interactions with students and faculty at a number of Irish universities to further enhance, develop and attract a diverse technical talent pipeline.

Joining forces and signing MoU’s with University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin City University (DCU), Maynooth University (MU), Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) and Technological University, Dublin (TUD), enables us to enhance our strategic partnerships while focusing on future talent. 

One of the key aspects of these partnerships is the selection every year by Intel of a number of students at each institution to receive bursary awards. These prestigious awards include a monetary scholarship, the provision of an Intel mentor and the possibility to undertake project work supported by the company. In this latest round of awards, a total of 55 Maters and PhD students were selected and an additional 16 awards were presented to Undergraduate students in recognition of outstanding work in their field of study.

The selection process for these awards started at the end of the summer in 2020. For each student recipient this process is a rigorous one. Selection is not only for their academic achievements, but also takes into consideration some of Intel’s values and skill sets, for instance the ability to communicate effectively, problem solving, critical thinking and team work to name but a few.   

Throughout the last number of months, in collaboration with our MoU partners, we have celebrated the wonderful achievements of the students who have been selected as Intel award recipients. Each set of students was celebrated at a virtual event hosted in conjunction with their University. 


University College Dublin
The first of our virtual events took place in November 2020 in collaboration with University College Dublin with 12 students receiving an Intel / UCD award. Speaking at the awards ceremony Professor Andrew Deeks, UCD President, stated that; “At UCD we are justifiably proud of the excellence of our students and alumni. Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott also spoke at the event, congratulating the students on their achievements, commending their determination and resilience to succeed even in challenging circumstances. The event also included a panel discussion focusing on ‘The World of Work at Intel’ which included participation by past UCD students who are currently working in engineering roles at Intel.

The students chosen for the Intel / UCD awards are; 

  • Aoife Barnes – Electronic and Computing Engineering
  • Caroline Crowley – Mechanical Engineering
  • Daniel McManus – Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • David Gormley – Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Donnchadh Murphy – Computer Science
  • Emily Grant – Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Finola Cahill – Computer Science
  • Matthew O’Donovan – Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Niamh Casey – Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Paddy McQuillan – Nanomaterials Chemistry
  • Sophie Cassidy – Mechanical Engineering
  • William Le Bas – Materials Science and Engineering


Dublin City University
The second of this year’s university partnership events took place in December with Dublin City University. The event included the presentation of 14 bursary awards to students. In addition to the bursary awards, 16 additional awards were presented to undergraduate DCU students studying in the fields of engineering and science in recognition of outstanding work in their field. Each of these undergraduate recipients received a €500 award.

Hosting this event Brian Corcoran, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing at DCU, welcomed everyone and introduced DCU’s Professor Lisa Looney, Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Prof. Looney remarked; “I am really pleased that the relationship between DCU and Intel will deepen in the coming years through the DCU Futures project. With support from the industry-generated National Training Fund, DCU will invest €20million to transform the learning experience of undergraduate students at DCU, reconceptualising learning opportunities, creating authentic connections between the classroom and enterprise, and embedding the digital literacies and transversal skills required to truly future-proof our graduates for the rapidly changing workplace. Intel is a strategic partner in this endeavour, and we roll up our sleeves on that work”.

The students chosen for the Intel / DCU awards are; 

  • Shane McCann – Electronic and Computing Engineering
  • Ravindar Singh Negi – Electronic and Computing Engineering
  • Sarvesh Pimpalkar – Electronic and Computing Engineering
  • Adam O’Brien – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Conor Murray – Biomedical Engineering
  • Sophie McGivern – Biomedical Engineering
  • Conor Hickey – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Daniel Shortt – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Begona Vizcaino Gispert – Electronic and Computing Engineering
  • Danielius Sarkausas – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Emma Madigan – Biomedical Engineering
  • Amy Slevin – Electronic and Computing Engineering
  • Liam O’Donoghue – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Caillin O’Rourke – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The 16 undergraduate students to receive awards are Dmitri Kolomiets, Conor Lanigan, Justin Pasague, Julia Waszkiewicz, Sarah McArdle, Daisy Brown, Joshua Murray, Abdulrahman Mohamed Roshdi, Conor Delaney, John Reynolds, Niamh Grady, Ross Ellis, Evelyn Twomey, Zijian Li, Eamon Kilheany and Jordan Mc Connon.

Maynooth University

In January 2021Maynooth University hosted their first event of this kind to celebrate student awardees. The event was attended by Maynooth University President Professor Philip Nolan, who is also currently the the chair of the Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group. The event was also attended by Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott who helped to present the Maynooth University’s student awards – the first ever to be presented by Intel with 10 students in total being awarded. 

 The students chosen for the Intel / Maynooth awards are; 

  • Will Douglas – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • William McDonnell – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Ofure Destiny Agabueze-Ayo – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Matthew Byrne – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Gavin Simpson – Department of Maths and Stats
  • Alisha Ratigan – Department of Maths and Stats
  • Calum Heraty- Department of Maths and Stats
  • Robyn Seery – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Michael O’Rafferty – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Meadhbh Healy – Department of Maths and Stats


Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin’s presentation event took place at the beginning of March 2021 and was hosted by Leonard Hobbs, Director of Research and Innovation, Trinity College Vice-Provost Jürgen Barkhoff and Intel’s Research Manager Bernie Capraro. Each speaker commended the achievements of the 12 award recipients from the schools of EngineeringPhysics and Computer Science & Statistics

The students chosen for the Intel / Trinity College awards are; 

  • Matthew Moynihan – School of Computer Science & Statistics
  • Fazeel Mohammed – School of Engineering
  • Georgia Giannakopoulou – School of Engineering
  • Ajay Kumar – School of Physics
  • Stephen Cunningham – School of Physics
  • George Sterpu – School of Engineering
  • Domhnall O’Suilleachain – School of Physics
  • Xiaxia Yan – School of Engineering
  • Tim Butcher – School of Physics
  • Simone Croci – School of Computer Science & Statistics
  • Oisin Murtagh – School of Physics
  • Erika Fonseca – School of Engineering


Technological University, Dublin:
To conclude, our final virtual event in partnership with TU Dublin took place in March and was hosted by David Kirk, Head of Corporate Partnerships, and Professor David Fitzpatrick, President of TU, Dublin. The event welcomed 7 additional scholar recipients to the Intel family.

This event was also attended by Eamonn Sinnott, Intel Ireland General Manager who had the opportunity to reflect on the announcement made in relation to Intel’s expanding manufacturing operations in Ireland – an update which had been shared in the same week as the presentation event. Additionally, Intel also had the opportunity to share a new video demonstrating a unique perspective of our manufacturing environment through an augmented reality headset along with footage of the Intel Manufacturing Expansion project at Leixlip. 

The students chosen for the Intel / TU Dublin awards are; 

  • Christopher Fagan – Game Design & Development
  • Eibhlin O’Riordan – Game Design & Development
  • Sara Bilal – City – Mechanical Engineering
  • Ahmed Seghni – Mechatronic Engineering
  • Carla Hedderman – Mechanical Engineering
  • Jeiel Oshiokameh – Electronics & Computer Communications Engineering
  • Aryan Naufiyal – Electronic & Communications Engineering


Each of the virtual events had their own unique part to play in celebrating our latest student awardees and their achievements. Speaking about the student awards, Bernie Capraro, Intel’s Research Manager highlighted that, “It has been a great experience working with our MoU partners again this academic year to find 71 worthy students to receive these awards.  We were able to recognise their achievements to date in interesting virtual award events, and through our Intel mentors, we hope to inspire, encourage and attract them during their final stages of study and as they begin to enter the workforce in the near future.”



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