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Intel proudly sponsors Leixlip Tidy Estates Competition

Leixlip Tidy Town Association (LTTA) was founded in 1962 when its first ever meeting was held in Doran’s hall at the foot of Captain’s Hill. Members of the community came together in an effort to galvanise people in the local area to work together to ensure Leixlip was not only a great place to live and work in, but also to visit. One of the main aims at the time was to create awareness of a need to conserve the historic buildings and natural beauty of the town.

Over the years the committee grew and forged alliances with the County Council, local businesses, schools and community groups, building a momentum that is evident today in the many achievements of the local organisation.

Each year the committee take on the task of entering the national Tidy Towns competition. The core principle of the competition is “Make your place a better place”. The competition involves participating areas being rated on all aspects of their local environment and prizes are awarded under many different categories. Gold, silver, and bronze prizes are awarded to towns across the country as well as various special prizes. Year on year, the Leixlip Tidy Towns have been successful in the competition and overall they have achieved 2 Bronze, 3 Silver and 3 Gold medals.

Following the pause of all volunteering and competitions in 2020, the Leixlip Tidy Towns are ready now, more than ever, to promote their positive work. They hope to get more community members involved to help make the local community look and feel better while taking all aspects of environment and biodiversity into account.

With this in mind, they are launching the Tidy Estates Competition which is proudly sponsored by Intel Ireland.

This competition is open to resident associations in the Leixlip area. The aim of the competition is to encourage community groups to become more aware of, and responsible for, their immediate environment and to encourage people to contribute in a positive way to the appearance of their locality, by keeping it neat, well presented and free of litter.

The categories are as follows:

(a) Best Presented Estate over 250 houses

(b) Best Presented Estate under 250 and over 100 houses

(c) Best Presented Estate under 100 houses

(d) Best Overall Estate

The estates will be judged on their general appearance, presentation of grass verges and open spaces, neatness of gardens and premises, evidence of community effort and absence of litter.

Gerry Keane and Berni Brennan from Leixlip Tidy Towns are pictured with bird and insect boxes donated by Intel

Intel Ireland have a long – standing partnership with the Leixlip Tidy Towns that stems back to when Intel first began operating in the town. Over the years, many groups of Intel volunteers have taken to the streets of Leixlip to help with painting, litter picking and general tidy ups.

Last year Intel employees created and decorated bird and bat boxes as part of a Give Back week supported by employees from the Corporate Services group. These boxes were donated to the Tidy Towns and hung up around the community.

Speaking about the work of the group, Berni Brennan, Chairperson of Lexilip Tidy Towns said; “Tidy Towns brings a community together, especially people who have retired and have time to work on all the project’s that the Competition requires, we here in Leixlip have seen a number of our younger generation getting involved in the last year which is great to see.”

Intel’s External Relations Manager, Lisa Harlow, added; “The Tidy Towns Association are such an integral part of the community here in Leixlip and always do such wonderful work, ensuring that the beauty of the local area is evident for all to see. We are really delighted to support the Tidy Estates competition which I’m sure will encourage a strong sense of community partnership and celebrate the wonderful work of people in the local area”.

More details about the Leixlip Tidy Estates Competition can be found on the organisation’s Facebook page. The closing date for entries is May 10th 2021.



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