Intel to invest €50 Million in R&D capability in Shannon

On Friday, February 27th, Intel announced the further expansion of the Intel R&D facility in the Shannon Free Zone. Over the next 4 years Intel will invest over €50million in the Shannon facility and the workforce could grow to over 300 engineers. Intel opened in Shannon after an acquisition in May 2000. The facility undertakes Research and Development and European market development for embedded products. The Shannon site has grown from less than 30 people, to just over 200 today, with the majority of the positions being high value, knowledge based roles, in R&D or technical marketing.

“We are delighted with the expansion decision”, commented Jonathan Walsh, General Manager of Intel Shannon. “It comes as the result of our world class track record of R&D over the last eight years, the highly developed technical marketing competencies and also our success in attracting the highest quality research talent, domestically and internationally. This further enables Intel to deliver products that show a significant leap over competing products, providing an outstanding combination of performance, power efficiency, savings and cost-effectiveness. The leading edge 32 nanometre design capabilities being developed in Shannon, are key to Intel supporting the unprecedented growth in the market for embedded processors. Intel predicts that there will be 15 billion connected devices by the year 2015. Our continued growth will be fuelled by the availability of top class engineering graduate and post-graduate students” he continued. “This further investment in the Intel Embedded Lab Europe in Shannon advances research and innovation in Europe and allows us to collaborate with customers and universities to improve overall European competitiveness. Intel Shannon is a key member of the Intel Labs Europe network”.

Jim OHara (General Manager, Intel Ireland and Vice President Technology Manufacturing Group) commenting on the expansion said “It is a source of great satisfaction for me to see how the Shannon team, working with our manufacturing facility in Leixlip, has been gearing itself up to take on ever increasing challenges and responsibilities for more of the development process”. “Yes, we are facing significant challenges in the global economic environment,” he said, “However, it is important to recognise that we have weathered cyclical slowdowns before, most notably at the beginning of this decade with the fall-out from the ICT shock, just as the Shannon operation came into existence. In our highly competitive and rapidly changing global markets, success is hard earned, establishing a high performing team with strong technical, managerial and leadership skills is critical to being able to build new products that lead in the marketplace. Founding future sustainable growth on innovation and productivity is the way forward for Ireland and for its capacity to play a leading role in European economic recovery.”

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