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People of Intel – Lucy Dodd

The people of Intel are at the heart of all that we do - discover their stories

When people think of Intel in Ireland, often what comes to mind is the scale of our operations and the complexity of our technology. What they perhaps do not think about, is the people who make all of this possible and the diversity of their stories. 

With a population of employee’s equivalent to the town of Roscommon, Intel Ireland is home to a vibrant, diverse and dynamic collection of people.

Intel is a place that is full of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and neighbours and over the next number of weeks, as we celebrate 30 years of Intel Ireland, we will be sharing their stories  – meet the people of Intel.

Lucy Dodd, 53

Corporate Safety & Industrial Hygiene Manager

I’ve worked at Intel for 27 years which I realised the other day is half my life!

As a result, when I look back, all the big events in my life happened with Intel in the background – my marriage, the birth of my son Fionn, and other more challenging life events. When I started, there was one building (IR1 and IR2 was being constructed) and I had no idea what a FAB was! I was engaged at the time, and due to get married four months later in the September, but I was sent to New Mexico for nine months and had to cancel the wedding. Thankfully my husband came out and we got married in Hawaii instead and honeymooned in Vegas, so it all worked out very nicely. I’ve since gone back to Las Vegas to fulfill one of my bucket list wishes – seeing Tom Jones in concert.

Like my dad Carl, I’m a workaholic, and so when he suddenly took ill three years ago with a spinal stroke it threw me into the biggest challenge of my life. Having to support my mum, help with dad’s care, work with my husband to support our son through his school exams and keep my head at work was the hardest experience I’ve ever gone through. I found resilience I never knew I had – care jobs I had to do, advocacy I had to fight for, conversions I didn’t think I could have done. I felt constant guilt from juggling everyone’s needs but feeling I was making no-one happy.

Thankfully my two managers really supported me through that time, allowing me the flexibility to try and manage everything. I couldn’t have done it without them. I had colleagues who would just ring to let me know they were there for me, which meant a lot. But I was surprised at my strength. I know I’m the kind of person now who will do whatever it takes, and that’s something I’ll always have. My dad passed away at the end of last year, and I’m grateful for that time as a family we spent together. I would work late (as my job involves a lot of calls with the U.S.), and then call in to see him around 9pm, and we’d watch Blue Bloods together. The experience brought me closer to my mum, and hopefully my son will also have seen what it really means to be a family. My dad’s face would always brighten up when he saw him in particular.

So there’s lots of change in my life at the moment. My son has just finished his leaving cert (and more importantly got home safely from his post exams holiday in Majorca!) both of which I survived. So I feel there’s more time for me now to delve deeper into interests I haven’t had time for before. I love everything to do with Interior Design and watch all those shows that renovate and decorate. So I’ve signed up to a diploma in Interior design at a local college and I intend to give every room in my house an overhaul – my kitchen is the same one I put in when I started working here 27 years ago! I’ve been dabbling in projects and love an old blanket box I recently repainted, including hand painting a design on the tree panels. It’s not perfect by any means, but it feels great to see the results of my creativity.

I also have a few more bucket list wishes to plan, including an Arctic cruise. I’ve had a good summer – I love the sun – and really enjoyed the recent Forever Young festival. I’m a big 1980’s music fan so loved watching Midge Ure, Human League, Simple Minds and The Jam, and Jimmy Summerville play. In the meantime work is still something I love, even after all these years. I’m really proud how we have driven the safety culture here, and that safety is part of the fabric of the FAB, not just an add on.


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