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People of Intel – Shobhi Jain

The people of Intel are at the heart of all that we do - discover their stories

When people think of Intel in Ireland, often what comes to mind is the scale of our operations and the complexity of our technology. What they perhaps do not think about, is the people who make all of this possible and the diversity of their stories. 

With a population of employee’s equivalent to the town of Roscommon, Intel Ireland is home to a vibrant, diverse and dynamic collection of people.

Intel is a place that is full of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and neighbours and over the next number of weeks, as we celebrate 30 years of Intel Ireland, we will be sharing their stories  – meet the people of Intel.


Shobhi Jain, 30
Software Developer

I grew up in India and did my master’s and bachelor’s there. The longest I was ever away from home was ten months during my masters, so moving away from my family to Ireland with my husband Deepak was a big step! He was working here already and I trusted him when he said I would love it. Coincidentally we both applied for jobs at Intel and got our joining dates the same day. So we both walked into our jobs here on the same morning, (although he works on a different team)!

I was lucky to get married to someone I admire so much. We share the same values and I knew the first time I met him and saw the way he treated his mother, that he was a good man. Like him, my main priority is my family and he feels the same. We have a two year old daughter called Inaaya which means God’s Gift and she really has been just that. She is growing up with an Irish accent which is funny, although it is really important for us that she understands her Indian heritage and so we speak Hindi at home, and we skype our families every day so she knows her grand parents.

My mum is my role model to me. She made me who I am. My parents sacrificed so much for me and my brother and sister to have the best education, and they were very open minded. Many in my culture would have given more to the boy in the family but my parents gave me and my sister the gift of equality and we all ended up doing masters. They also made my brother do as much housework as me and my sister! Whenever I was unsure of anything, like taking my driving licence for example, she would tell me I could do it, and she helped me to be independent.

I always take her advice and I will give the same to my daughter; that balance in life is everything and when the time is gone, it’s gone. That’s why Deepak and I try our best to keep a healthy work-life balance and spend some good quality time with her.

The things that makes me most happy and content are music, dancing and yoga. My father would always come home with the latest music on cassette so I still love just playing music and dancing round the room with Inaaya. Sometimes when an older song comes on it takes me right back to my childhood living room and dancing with him. In fact I plan to continue my study in college of Indian classical dancing and am signing up online to get a certification in it.

But the most important activity I do is yoga. From a young age I watched my parents take the time out to go for walks and do yoga every day and I followed suit. I wake up each morning and practise because I don’t just see it as a way of keeping my body fit but it keeps my mind fit too. The breathing opens your mind and helps you stay mindful and so for me, it’s essential for mental health. Even though she is only two, sometimes Inaaya practises with me. I want her to see that nourishing your body and mind are the most important things you can do.

I go home every year, and catch up with my friends and eat lots of home cooked food! But I love Ireland. Everyone had warned me about the weather but I arrived in the summer of 2013 which was a hot year and I wondered what everyone had been talking about. And then winter began and reality hit! But the people’s warmth and friendliness make up for the cold. Living in Shannon I love the countryside and the freshness of the clean air. And the quiet!


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