Enabling a strong safety culture – Part 3

Find out more about Intel's dedicated Emergency Response Team

In our complex manufacturing environment at our Leixlip campus, the number one priority is always safety and leading the way on our world class safety standard is our site Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Raj Chandappan is a DERT- a Dedicated Emergency Responder – at the Intel campus in Leixlip

The site Emergency Response Team, which has approximately 45 members per shift, and approx. 200 members in total, is made up of both voluntary roles, whereby employees take on the emergency response activities in addition to their core jobs, and of full time members who are the primary responders to any incident or emergency that may happen on the campus.

Raj Chandappan is a DERT- a Dedicated Emergency Responder – for his particular shift at Intel which is shift C. Intel’s manufacturing environment operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there are 4 different shifts which operates across the week. Each of these shifts – A,B,C,D – have a dedicated DERT in place on a full time basis. If a situation arises, Raj is the first person to respond. The command centre for the campus call him first and he will assess the situation and make the call on how many Emergency Response Team (ERT) volunteers he needs and what equipment is required. The ERT members are well trained and will know exactly what each need to bring to support him, depending on each situation.

Most of our ERT members at Intel are volunteers but Raj’s role is unique because it is his full time job.

Raj’s job entails a number of different aspects including the recruitment and selection of members to be part of Intel’s Emergency Response Team. For example, with a large range of tools in use in the fab environment, Raj needs at least one person who is specialised in each tool so that if a problem arises with a certain tool, Raj knows exactly who has the expertise to help.

Another key part of Raj’s job is training members. Every year Raj organises all the classes that are mandatory for all ERT members. He also manages who is due training and what exact training they are due depending on their role. This can include confined space training, first aid training, and advanced first aid training.

Raj’s role doesn’t stop there. There is a dedicated nurse onsite between the hours of 7am to 9pm each day and after that time Raj covers the role.

Raj praises the Intel ERT around him and stresses that although he is the first responder, he has the support of at least 50 trained people behind him. This gives him great confidence in an emergency situation . He explains that “in an emergency response situation the 50 ERT volunteers are split into three teams – Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Each week the teams rotate who is on call. This takes the pressure off the volunteers, although there are some situations in which all ERT members would be called upon. It’s a very organised system, for example, if ever an ambulance crew have to come to Intel, they say it is only place they don’t get lost. With expert organisation, the team hold lifts open, direct paramedics inside and even direct the ambulance from the moment they arrive in the carpark”.

Raj originally joined Intel in 2000 and was the first person at Intel Ireland to become a DERT in 2003. Before that, he worked installing and qualifying tools in the fab. Raj’s favourite thing about his role, is the job satisfaction it gives – to know that you can do something that effects someone else’s life. For example, someone once had a heart attack on site and the ambulance crew remarked at how well the person had been cared for by the Emergency Response team whilst they awaited the paramedics arrival. That person is thankfully still working at the Intel campus today.

Raj moved to Derry in 1979. His parents were doctors from India. He went on to study electronics in college in Derry. Raj wanted to join the Gardaí after his leaving cert exams but because he was exempt from Irish, he couldn’t join. After that law changed, Raj trained to become a Garda in Templemore and took Irish classes. He passed all his exams with flying colours! Raj has been a reserve Garda for 11 years. He completes 208 hours a year. Raj has the exact same uniform and powers as a full time Garda and helps at major functions, counter duty, public office, traffic control and more.


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