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Enabling a strong safety culture – Part 4

Find out more about Intel's dedicated Emergency Response Team

In our complex manufacturing environment at our Leixlip campus, the number one priority is always safety and leading the way on our world class safety standard is our site Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Myles Devine is an ERT Leader at the Intel campus in Leixlip

The site Emergency Response Team, which has approximately 45 members per shift, and approx. 200 members in total, is made up of both voluntary roles, whereby employees take on the emergency response activities in addition to their core jobs, and of full time members who are the primary responders to any incident or emergency that may happen on the campus.

Myles Devine has been working at the Intel campus in Leixlip for the last 25 years. Myles started out as a technician and having worked in a range of different departments, he is now an operations manager in Fab 24. Myles became an ERT member 20 years ago when he worked with Dave Moran, a Dedicated ERT, who helped him to get involved.

In the past, members of the ERT were placed into specific sub-teams. Myles took on a sub-team lead role which meant that he would answer calls as a first responder. Each sub-team would be assigned to a shift with each of the teams having up to 15 members. Spending time in this sub-team lead role gives Myles confidence in knowing that he has such a high level of expertise behind him which he can continue to call upon today as needed.

In time, a Dedicated Emergency Response Team (DERT) was put in place to support the emergency response activity in a full-time capacity and to act as the first point of contact for any situations arising at the campus. The DERT are supported by a wide network of ERT volunteers which includes a number of ERT leaders, a role which Myles has taken on.

The day to day duties of an ERT leader start with getting a pass down from the previous shift leader. This pass down is sent to all DERT and ERT members. Myles will go through this to look for anything that could have happened on the previous shift and assess if there is a chance of anything reoccurring. Next, a roll call is taken so that the ERT leader knows how many members are on call at the time. Naturally, if any significant incident happens every ERT member, whether on call or not, will be called in to support. Finally, Myles will do a look ahead. This is where each member is informed which week they will be a leader of their ERT team. Each member takes a week as a leader each and usually there will be a few leaders on each shift who vary in experience so they can all help each other out as needed.

When employees enter the Intel building each morning one of the first things that they see is a digital kiosk advising who the Emergency Response leader, such as Myles, is for the current shift that is operational and how they can be contacted.

There are many days where Myles will receive no contact from his colleagues in the Dedicated Emergency Response Team. On other days, he may be called upon to support a number of different activities including an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) which may will be called to deal with a specific situation. For example, during the bad snow which occurred last year an EOC was set up to deal with any issues arising from the unusual weather event.

ERT members also deal regularly with minor issues such as those related to first aid. All ERT members are trained in CPR and members receive refresh training on a regular basis both through internal classes and with external vendors. Some examples of the training received include first aid classes, leak detection classes and site orientation which is a valuable exercise as the campus in Leixlip is so big and it is so important for the ERT members to be able to quickly find their way around. ERT members need to know where to go, so they can quickly address any issues.

The biggest skill Myles has learned from being an ERT member is first aid, which he has found to be especially valuable with his own family. What Myles likes most about being part of the ERT team is the people he gets to work with, he says “it can be pressurised at times, but there is a high level of support around you and a real sense of teamwork”.


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