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Enabling a strong safety culture – Part 5

Find out more about Intel's dedicated Emergency Response Team

In our complex manufacturing environment at our Leixlip campus, the number one priority is always safety and leading the way on our world class safety standard is our site Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Joanna Cahill is an ERT Leader at the Intel campus in Leixlip

The site Emergency Response Team, which has approximately 45 members per shift, and approx. 200 members in total, is made up of both voluntary roles, whereby employees take on the emergency response activities in addition to their core jobs, and of full time members who are the primary responders to any incident or emergency that may happen on the campus.

Joanna Cahill is a shift Group Leader who has worked at Intel for the last 25 years.

Joanna joined Intel’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) almost 7 years ago after becoming a Group Leader on the shift ‘D’ work pattern. At first Joanna was nervous about the prospect of being an ERT member because of the many and varied scenarios that they may be called upon to deal with, but she soon came to enjoy the strong level of team work involved in being part of the team.

Joanna soon became an ERT leader and is responsible for coordinating other team members and setting up the dedicated areas of response that are needed in each emergency scenario. Joanna says, “I really enjoy getting to lead some of the more complex incidents and ensuring a safe outcome – there is such a sense of teamwork and that’s something which I love about the ERT”.

In her role Joanna has been called upon to support many different incidents, for example, she recalls one particular instance where a spill had taken place onsite which took a number of hours to clean. Joanna remarks upon how every ERT member involved stepped up and played their part in the clean up – the job was not left to one person, it was split evenly among the group.

As an ERT leader, Joanna has a high level of first aid training. She says this has been immensely useful not only in her job, but also with her two young children. ERT training has taught Joanna how to be calm in stressful situations. All parents worry about how easy small children can choke on food. Thanks to her training, Joanna was able to stop her child from choking, while at home a few years ago. After learning about fire safety in depth, Joanna now can spot hazards quicker, even at home she can’t help her mind from planning an efficient fire escape!

Joanna also stresses how important it is that there are female members and leaders in the Emergency Response Team. If there is any sort of incident that involves a woman, Joanna can put her at ease – “it is really important that the ERT is representative of the entire workforce here at Intel – having a diverse group of people in our team better enables to us respond to the various scenarios that arise”.

Joanna is proud that, no matter what issue has arisen, the ERT team always ensures a safe outcome. No matter what the issue, big or small, they know how to get things under control, thanks to the fantastic level of teamwork among the ERT group.

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