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Enabling a strong safety culture – Part 6

Find out more about Intel's dedicated Emergency Response Team

Richard Durkan is an ERT member at the Intel campus in Leixlip

In our complex manufacturing environment at our Leixlip campus, the number one priority is always safety and leading the way on our world class safety standard is our site Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The site Emergency Response Team, which has approximately 45 members per shift, and approx. 200 members in total, is made up of both voluntary roles, whereby employees take on the emergency response activities in addition to their core jobs, and of full time members who are the primary responders to any incident or emergency that may happen on the campus.

Richard Durkan is a member of Intel’s ERT team who works in Fab 24, on the Shift C pattern. Last winter Richard was off work for a few days as he had been attending a family funeral in Co. Mayo. As he was off work, he and his wife decided to visit a local Aldi store to try and pick up a few things that they were looking for. They went to the first Aldi, couldn’t find what they wanted, so went to a second Aldi and took a nearby back-road home. A road, in normal circumstances, Richard would not usually have been on.

While he was driving, Richard could see on the other side of the road, a car had gone into the back of another. The man in the car behind was slumped over the wheel. Richard thought this didn’t look right, so he pulled in and ran back to the man’s aid. He met a lady on the side of the road, who was on the phone to the emergency services. Richard checked if the man was breathing and took him carefully out of the car.

Richard’s ERT training kicked in and he started to perform CPR. The adrenaline rushed through him, so much so, he didn’t even know how long he was performing CPR. It could have been 10 to 15 minutes in total before they heard the ambulance sirens coming and two advanced paramedics (as opposed to a regular paramedic, they travel in cars so they can get around quicker) arrived. The paramedics said it was full cardiac arrest and they asked Richard to get the AED (defibrillator) machine from the back of their car. This machine is much bigger than a normal defibrillator – it is an automated way of performing chest compression’s that is used by advanced paramedics. This machine was ideal because the man had to be shocked so many times, they would have been concerned about the battery in a smaller machine. Richard was exhausted from performing CPR for so long but also from having the pressure of the man’s family around him, trusting in Richard to save their loved ones life. The paramedics took the man away and Richard went home hoping the man would be okay.

Richard works on cars and the following week, he was doing some work for a retired detective he knows. This man was listening to the Joe Duffy show on the radio and heard a story. He relayed the story back to Richard who was shocked because the story was about him! The man he had given CPR to was looking for him and had gone on air to find out who helped him. The accident happened on a Friday and the man, whose name is Patrick, went looking on the Joe Duffy Show the following Monday to tell his story. By the Friday of the same week the two men were both on the radio show together sharing the story!

It turns out Patrick was put in an induced coma for three days, he had had no memory of going into cardiac arrest and crashing his car. Thankfully he was not driving fast at the time and made a full recovery. Richard remarked that Patrick was a lovely man, the two even met up for drinks after it all!

Being part of Intel’s Emergency Response Team, and having such unique and comprehensive training, helped Richard to play such a valuable role when it mattered most – his calm and professional actions that day made a real difference to Patrick and his family.

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