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Intel launches Virtual Mini Scientist programme

Intel Mini Scientist programme goes online for 2020 with a series of fun and interactive resources for primary school students

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH – Intel Ireland today launched an online version of the Mini Scientist programme for 2020 and schools across Ireland are invited to get involved.

The Intel Mini Scientist is an initiative for primary school students in 4th, 5th and 6th class. This programme has been running successfully for the last 13 years, supporting students to discover science in fun ways through project-based learning and exhibitions.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Mini Scientist programme has been revised to an online format. Intel have teamed up with Phil Smyth, The Scientist, from RTÉ’s Home School Hub to create a series of science related videos which are accompanied by activity packs which include detailed lesson plans and work sheets that contain additional information guides for students to use along with the video instructions. All of the material covered is curriculum linked and focuses on the topics of; Energy & Forces, Materials, Living Things, and Environmental Awareness & Care.

All of the experiments covered in the videos have appropriate access points to cater for all student levels. The videos, which emphasise fun and discovery, introduce students to science at a basic level, highlighting that no matter who you are, you can get involved and take part in science. Additionally, students who may be more advanced or more experienced in the area of science will be able to enhance and develop their knowledge using everything they learn. The resources are suitable for the classroom or the home environment and schools can engage in the content at their own pace and introduce each topic at a time of their choosing.

The launch of the online programme comes just in time to coincide with the celebration of National Science Week 2020 which will take place from November 8th to 15th against a societal backdrop never previously experienced in our lifetime.

The core theme for Science Week 2020 is ‘Science Week – Choosing our Future’ and focuses on how science can improve our lives in the future, and in the present. The week will help students explore how science can help us to make positive choices that will impact the environment, our health, and our quality of life.

Speaking about teaming up with Intel to deliver a virtual Mini Scientist programme this year, Phil Smyth – engineer, scientist, science communicator and all round STEM guru said, “Although this year is different, I’m delighted to see and be part of such a great programme. The Mini Scientist doesn’t presume that children or teachers have prior STEM knowledge or skills – it welcomes them with open arms to experience something new”.


Want to Get Involved?
The Mini Scientist virtual programme is available online, free of charge, to primary schools across Ireland. All of the materials can be found on the Intel Mini Scientist website –


The Topics in more detail
Below is a full list of the resources that students, teachers and parents will find online;


Topic One – Everybody Knows

Video   |    Lesson Plan   |   Student Worksheet

Humans, animals and plants all evolved in special ways to help them survive here on earth. Your skeleton and muscles work as an awesome team to help you do the things you love. Without this team, your body would flop around like a soggy noodle! By building a working model of our muscles, we can understand how we move, and see how amazing our bodies are!


Topic Two – You’re in Charge

Video   |    Lesson Plan   |   Student Worksheet

Imagine you could clean your room with just with the click of a switch? You hit the button on the wall and bang the dirt is gone. Intel does exactly this with its computer chips and in this exploration students will learn all about static electricity, magnets and how they can take charge to do the work for you!


Topic Three – The Makings of Invention

Video   |    Lesson Plan   |   Student Worksheet

Look around you. The world we live in is made up of all types of materials used for all sorts of things; shoes, books, furniture, bikes, buildings, you name it, it’s made of something, and usually quite a few somethings all working together to make a finished product. But not all materials are the same and selecting the right materials is an important part of inventing, designing and building. By testing materials, we can see what properties they have and think about what they would be most useful for.


Topic Four – It’s in our Nature

Video   |    Lesson Plan   |   Student Worksheet

The world that we live in is a wonderful place and it is the biggest research lab that ever existed. Our Earth has evolved over billions of years, so why not copy it when we’re coming up with new systems to make our lives easier? In this experiment, students use our natural resources to see how we can sustainably clean water without damaging the planet.


Bonus Topic – Wheatgrass
Video   |    Lesson Plan

This experiment involves growing your own wheatgrass and should be completed over a 4-week period. It will act as a longer-term experiment that will continue in the classroom even after the initial Intel Mini Scientist lessons have been completed.


Download the Image set – Intel Mini Scientist 2020

Teaser Videos

Download the video


Download the video


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Download the video


To access all of the programme resources including the full length videos, visit


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