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People of Intel – Giorgio Amanzi

The people of Intel are at the heart of all that we do - discover their stories

When people think of Intel in Ireland, often what comes to mind is the scale of our operations and the complexity of our technology. What they perhaps do not think about, is the people who make all of this possible and the diversity of their stories. 

With a population of employee’s equivalent to the town of Roscommon, Intel Ireland is home to a vibrant, diverse and dynamic collection of people.

Intel is a place that is full of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and neighbours and over the next number of weeks, we will share stories of these people as part of our latest series of the People of Intel. 


Giorgio Amanzi, 61
Micro-Contamination Control Manager

I am from Avezzano, a small city near Rome in Italy and still sound Italian with my accent, but my heart is Irish.  I moved here 19 years ago to work in Intel and fell in love with the Country and its people so much I actually became an Irish citizen in 2010 as a way to give back.

I was 42 when I wanted to make a change in my life, and to try something new. I applied for jobs in Germany and Ireland. I didn’t feel a connection when I went to the interview in Germany, but as soon as I landed in Dublin and the taxi driver and I had a great chat about football, I knew I felt at home. There is such a warm approach here.

I remember my interview so well. I had very poor English then and didn’t think I would impress them. I had six interviews one after the other (one of the interviewer’s was Ann Kelleher) and I knew I really wanted the job, so when the last manager asked me if I had any questions, I asked to see the Clean Room. Years later, I asked him (he had become my manager) why I got the job, and he said one of the reasons was my request, as I showed the passion for my work, as other candidates would have asked about the office space, what computer they would have receive, etc.

I was naturally worried about making such a big move, because it wasn’t just about me; the decision to move to Ireland would also involve my wife and eighteen year old daughter, but they were excited. My daughter went to college here in Ireland and now works in the States. I am so proud I made that decision to change up my life; it has made all the difference.

I fell in love immediately with Ireland, mostly because of the friendly nature of everyone. I was prepared for the weather as I had been warned, and I won’t lie, I did miss the blue sky but a Country is more than it’s weather and I loved it here, along with the job.

It would be in my nature that if I felt disrespected I would have to go, but everyone was so friendly and understanding – even given how poor my language was when I first arrived. You can be treated like you’re stupid if you don’t understand everything but everyone was supportive and friendly and went out of their way to help. I’ve felt really lucky that I’ve had such a great team.

My intention in my career was to commit to never being just a number but to be somebody who makes a difference with his job. I can tell you, for the way I have been, and I am treated, I have never felt a number at Intel.

I’ve met many special people and my wife loves it here too and has made great neighbours and friends. I brought with me my Italian personality and my strong commitment to learn. The work has evolved since I began >30 years ago in the Semiconductor Industry; it is the same role but the technology has changed so much which has kept it really interesting and kept me motivated to learn new things.

I decided to become an Irish citizen in 2006. It’s a three to four year long process so I was very proud to finally go to the official ceremony in Athlone in 2010 to make my statement before the judge with my wife and daughter watching. I travel with my Irish passport since then and will be staying here when I retire. It’s just home!

I actually listened to Irish music before I came here so I love that, and the football talk, and I’ve travelled around the Country. Dingle is probably one of my favourite places. People often ask if I miss good Italian food, and while yes I love Italian food, I actually love most foods. People ask if I miss the good coffee and I tell them when you move Country you have to accept all of it. And if I miss a good cappuccino – I also appreciate an Irish coffee.

This year has been very difficult watching the corona virus in Italy especially as it was a true disaster watching more than 1000 deaths a day for many weeks. I am thankful we are doing a pretty good job here in Ireland. My mother-in-law is still in Italy and we used to go back a couple of times a year but with the pandemic we haven’t been able to. She loves Ireland and would come over twice a year too so it’s been hard not to see family and friends since January.

I’ve adjusted to working from home, although I do miss the camaraderie and seeing people socially, especially the people I’m not having meetings with. The interaction with people, eye contact……I realise now more than ever how important it is.

I am passionate about my job and feel lucky and blessed about my experiences here in Ireland and I’m grateful to the people who created this home country for me… starting with that first taxi driver!


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